The Great Commandment

The 7 Dimensions of Everything and Nothing

Our Community: Disability, Community and Disability Services

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The Great Commandment:

The Great Commandment is based on the Christian theme of our Love for God, ourselves and others.

The 7 Dimensions of Everything and Nothing:

The idea that everything came from nothing has been around for some time now. What I am proposing is that everything and nothing quite happily exist together within a Field that is both everything and nothing.

This Model does not reflect the Universe we live in. It is simply an attempt to describe the processes that bring everything and nothing together to form our Universe, parallel Universes and different Universes in different Dimensions that we are not aware of.

This Model is based on the premise that Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be rearranged. It is the most basic unit that everything else comes from. Energy is both an undefined potential particle that has dimensions and a wave/field that has no dimensions, within a Field.

Our Community: Disability, Community and Disability Services:

The Disability Services sector is grounded in the theory of Social Role Valorisation (SRV) (that people with disability are disadvantaged and our goal is to provide them, as much as possible, a better way of life).

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