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About ScoreBoard 2000

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The program is designed to keep track of Club / Player game results for Australian Rules football.

Game results and details are entered into the database for each Club / Player.
These results can be compiled and viewed according to a number of criteria (Year, Round, Ground, etc).

This program would not have been possible without the enthusiam and dedication of Steve Davies and Greg Wardell-Johnson.
Steve and Greg have have spent thousands of hours researching the Library archives for WAFL footy results since its inception in 1885.
Steve was using MS Excel to sort the records but was having a lot of trouble compiling results. I was very impressed at seeing what he has achieved and decided to create this program using MS Access.

I was motivated to do this project because 1) I enjoy working in Access, and 2) I know practically nothing about football and I wanted the challenge to create something that would make life easier for Steve, and all you other footy junkies.

I hope you enjoy using the program as much as I enjoyed working on it.

Peter Anderson ...

Minimum requirements
Pentium 700 > or equivelant
Access 2000
Video > 1024 by 768
Disk space > 10mb