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About pSa

Gday, My name is Peter Anderson

I would like to introduce myself and share with you some of my life experiences.


The most memerable was cycling around Australia on a push bike and paddling down the Murray/Darling river in a canoe.
I still feel the soreness of the canoe seat, but worth the effort.

I have spent some time living with aborigionals in communities in the N/W of WA. I will always remember the experinces in sharing their friendships and culture, and the problems they have in todays society.

Another experience was travelling around Canada and America with a good mate of mine I have known for more than 30 years.


Through my voluntary support work with a Local Area Coordinator (Disability Services Commission), I became involved with a family who have a son with an intellectual disability. I have known the person for what seems like 20 years, and is like my brother.

Through this involvement with the family I was awarded a Cert of Appreciation by DSC.

I would like to dedicate the award to all the families out there that do such a wonderful and often unrewarding work.
The small contribution I make seems nothing in comparison.


To publish a book about my thoughts and ideas concerning disability and community, that are expressed in these pages.

To carry out some research into how communities look after their members. Through my voluntary and professional experience, I have seen the way people with high support needs are supported within the organisational structure, and have some ideas that I want to develop into a coherent form.

1) Research
Understand and develop theory into how communities work (characteristics).
Understand and develop theory into how disability service providers work (characteristics).
2) Develop a community profile
Discover the issues that members have in being a part of their community
Designed to gauge the response of the community within a set of characteristics, and to show overall patterns within their community.
Use the results to develop strategies (and valued community roles) in empowering communities with the knowledge and skills to provide direct intervention in supporting the needs of people that have a physical or intellectual disability.
3) Develop an alternative model of service delivery for people that have a physical or intellectual disability in their community, where they are valued as a part of their community.


Extensive experience (25 Yrs +) in supporting people with high support needs in various settings including nursing homes, residential facilities, businesses, factories and recreational activities, both in a professional and voluntary capacity. I was on the committee at CLAN Mirrabooka (Community Link and Network) for a few years. I have worked with Identity and TCCP in supporting adults in community homes and developing skills and networks in the wider community.

Experience with Research Planning & Development, Training, Planning Policy, Team Assessment, Coordination, Planing and Development.
Experience with computer hardware.
Experience with Windows 95, 2000, NT, Office 97, Publisher and other application programs.
Above average experience with Access 97, 2000.
Experience with Internet Applications and set-up.


Swimming, skiing, cycling, squash, reading, travelling around the country, camping.
I enjoy working with people.
I enjoy working with Databases (especially MS Access) and I have designed some applications.


2000 onwards:
Developed a Database Application for Staff Management.
Developed a Database Application for football.
Developed a Database Application for management of property rental.

1998: Involvement with C.L.A.N.
1997: Created a web page for ECU student group at http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Lab/3446/ .
1997: Completion of a community profile on Dawesville at ECU Joondalup 2nd Year.
1996: Completion of a research project into community attitudes towards people with disabilities at ECU Joondalup 1st Year.

* Captain of Dianella "C" grade squash team.
* Cycled around Australia on a bicycle and paddling down the Murray/Darling river.
* Travelled to Canada, USA, Mexico, England, Europe, Singapore, Philippines, and Asia.


Ability to produce written documentation such as reports, assessments, programs etc.
Ability to see problems and issues from the client’s perspective, rather than the professional perspective.
Experience in advocacy and negotiation in providing the most appropriate service for clients.


Course in IT- ECU Joondalup.
Database design and development, Networking, Reporting etc.

Effective Management- Chamber of Commerce and Industry- East Perth.

1996/ 1998:
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Disability)- ECU Joondalup.
Third Year p/t. Lecturers: Dr P.J. (Trish) Formentin, Michael Anderson.
Current studies:
* Early Intervention in Families With Special Needs,
* Human Services Organisations and Management.

Certificate of Human Services Disability- Perth Technical College.

Disability Services Commission Dundas Road: Student Pract. Residential support, personal care, skills training and development, social development.

Career Plan Services Belmont: Student Pract. Family Support, work experience support training, advocacy, counselling, personal care,

Student Support Training Course: Careerplan Services,
Belmont.  Work skills training and development

Sheltered Workshop Osborne Park: Student Pract.
Skills training, personal care, etc.

St.John Ambulance Senior First Aid Certificate.
Care Givers Course- Skill Share, Catherine McCauley Family Centre.

Small Business Management: Small Business Enterprise Centre, Osborne Park. (No proof of attainment)

Parts Managers Course- Carlisle Technical College. (No proof of attainment)

Hale School Leaving Certificate.


Catholic Care (i.d.entity.wa)
Duties include:
In charge at a residential facility. Community Support Officer,

Cerebral Palsy Association
Duties include: Nursing assistant, Residential Care Worker, Community Support Officer, and Orderly.

Alf Barbagallo. Perth.
Duties include:
Motor vehicle Parts Sales Assistant.
Stock and inventory control.
Delivery driver.
Customer service.

South West Cycles, Busselton WA.
Duties include:
Stock and inventory control.
Customer service.
Inventory control.
Account control and book keeping.

Self-Employed. Various occupations including:
Painter: houses, buildings etc.
Brick paver, Gardner: landscape, cleaning, pruning etc.
Travelling around the northwest country towns and
aboriginal communities. Various activities.

Ken Eustice Motors. Adelaide.
Duties include:
Motor vehicle Parts Sales Assistant.
Stock and inventory control.
Delivery driver.
Customer service.

1975- 1982:
Datcars Pty. Ltd. Perth.
Duties include:
Motor vehicle Parts Sales Assistant.
Stock and inventory control.
Delivery driver.
Customer service.


CLAN (Community Link and Network).
Management Committee Member: Research Planning &
Development/ Training/ Planning Policy.
Was involved in the restructure of CLAN.

Human Services Network. ECU Student Organisation.
Committee member: register, policy development.

DSC Local Area Coordinator family support.
Valued Independent People:
Skills development, recreation support, personal care.

Catherine McCauley Family Centre:
Aged care: dementia, stroke victims, etc.
Recreation support, skills development, social development, needs development, etc.
Childcare: program development, recreation support, social development, skills development.

Catholic Care:
Recreational support for adults with intellectual disabilities.
Personal care support, skills development and social development.

Activ Foundation:
Recreational support for adults with intellectual disabilities.
Personal care support, skills development and social development.