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Our 3, or more, Dimensional Universe

You may think that living in a Universe that may have an infinite number of dimensions a bit of a challenge to understand. What I am suggesting is that there is a set of principles, properties or Dimensions that provide the foundation that our 3 or more dimensional Universe is built on. There may be other different arrangements of other dimensions that I could not begin to describe or even understand. Is it possible to imagine a universe with an infinite number of straight, or curved, parallel dimensions?  Can you imagine living in a Reality where there are five straight parallel dimensions and one curved dimension? Who knows, a Reality like that may actually exist.

Our classical understanding of the properties of a set of dimensions, or coordinates, is something that can be defined and measured within our 3 (or more depending on the point of view) dimensional reality.

"The only real defining property is that they have a length, width, and height. If you place them on a Cartesian plane, you will have a X,Y, and Z axis - three axes means 3 dimensions. Aside from that, 3 dimensional objects tend to be built from 2 dimensional objects that form a “net” - a building block. Oct 8, 2017"
What are the properties of three dimensional shapes? - Quora" ( › What-are-the-properties-of-three-dimensional-shapes)

But what if a set of Dimensions was a set of conditions or properties that allow us to measure something in our reality rather than the object that we are measuring? For example, we can measure something in relationship to something else (a ruler or scales) and come up with a measurement. But what are we measuring? How do we define it? What is that measurement related to? We need a standard or set of conditions to be able to make sense of that measurement in the first place before we do anything else. We can't measure it if we have nothing to compaire it to. What are the Demensions (conditions or properties) that allow us to measure something and make sense of the measurement? You will probally say length, width, and height. But where do they come from? What conditions or properties allow us to make the measurement in the first place? How can we measure something that is not within our 3 or more dimensional reality with the tools that are a part of our 3 or more dimensional reality? Its a bit like trying to take a photograph with a hammer.

"The properties of a quantum dot are determined by size, shape, composition, and structure. The interesting electronic properties of quantum dots arise from the specific size of their energy band gaps. Dec 19, 2018 - The Properties and Applications of Quantum Dots" ( › Article)

It seems to me that the idea of a Dimension takes on a whole new Paradigm (or Perspective). Dimensions become sets of conditions or properties that pre-exist and build on each other to form our 3 (or more) dimensional reality just as length, width, and height build on each other to form something we can measure.

The theory of Quantum Fields is probally the best analogy to describe the model below.

Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe - with David Tong

We had a very different understanding of our Universe before the telescope came along. We thought that our world was flat and that we were the centre of it all. The telescope allowed us to see our world from another perspective that we were not at the centre of. The development of new technology after the telescope has allowed us to have a deeper understanding of the Universe we live in. We have the equipment to test theories and make new discoveries about the Universe around us. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has allowed us to gig deeper into our beginnings and what we are made of within our 3 Dimensional Paradigm.

Just as the telescope allowed us to better understand our world and the Universe we live in and develop new theories and technologies, the LHC is the beginning of opening up new horizons in other Dimensions that we never thought possible. The information and technology gained from the LHC will provide the foundation for future technology.

"But for me, the quest for new, unexplained data is important because every time that physicists think we have it all figured out, nature provides a surprise that leads to a deeper understanding of our world.

The LHC continues to test the standard model of particle physics. Scientists love when theory matches data. But we usually learn more when they don’t. This means we don’t fully understand what is happening. And that, for many of us, is the future goal of the LHC: to discover evidence of something we don’t understand. There are thousands of theories that predict new physics that we have not observed. Which are right? We need a discovery to learn if any are correct." (10 years of Large Hadron Collider discoveries)

Isn’t the Quantum world like this? Will we ever know the answer to everything?

Quantum Physics tells us that Subatomic particles have >0< Dimensions and 0 dimensions. We can only measure these particles in the 3 dimensional space that we live in. This does not mean that that these particles are not a part of any other 1 or more dimensions. There is one theory that we come from a 2 Dimensional Holographic Universe (Is The Universe A Hologram?).

The Holographic Universe Explained

There are so many different ideas in Classical and Quantum physics theory about Energy, Photons, Gravity, Astrophysical theory, Quantum Field theory/Mechanics, String theory/M Theory etc. around these days about this and that I’m thinking "These guys can’t be all wrong. Maybe they are all right, but for different reasons."

Sometimes we need to throw away everything we have previously thought and find a new Paradigm that allows us to find the answers. Sometimes we find that by shifting our understating of what is actually happening, we realise that we have been asking the wrong questions to begin with and then we end up with different questions.

Unfortunately, we are all prisoners of our 3 dimensional (or more dimensions depending on the point of view) reality. We cannot step outside of this 3 dimensional Paradigm no matter how hard we try, and I am no different to anyone else in this. But, we can still speculate about other dimensional Universes. I feel that the current multi-dimensional models only reflect parallel Universes that are different expressions (or different dimensions) of the same Universe. It seems to me that these multi-dimensional Universe models are too restrictive in that they do not account for other possible dimensions besides the ones that have evolved from the traditional 4 dimensional Space-time <0> dimensional “Holographic Universe” where the information stored in our Universe comes from another Dimension.that we live in. The definition of multi-dimensional Universes should allow for other arrangements of dimensions that are not consistent with our standard relational reference points of height, width, depth and time. Maybe we are all a part of a <0> dimensional “Holographic Universe” where the information stored in our Universe comes from another Dimension.

This Model does not reflect the Universe we live in. It is simply an attempt to describe the processes that bring everything and nothing together to form our Universe, parallel Universes and different Universes in different Dimensions that we are not aware of.